Slingababy founder Lorette Michallon stands side-on, looking towards the camera with a big smile, and showing her two children carried in an blue and green woven wrap. On her back, her son has a fun expression. On her front, her young daughter is looking interested and watchful.

Lorette Michallon, founder of Slingababy

Slingababy Aotearoa New Zealand (Slingababy NZ) was founded in 2017 by Corinne Rooney under licence to Slingababy. The aims, teaching methods and vision are shared with Slingababy.

Slingababy was founded in the UK in 2011 by Lorette Michallon with the aim of empowering parents through the loving art of baby-carrying. Following years of training and hands-on experience with parents the Slingababy School was born and is able to offer a course that shares information on every sling type available as well as various teaching methods. The school’s vision is to ensure all trainees can start practising as consultants after the four-day training course. The school is recognised by BABI (British Association of Babywearing Instructors) and adheres to its strict code of conduct.


Vision and Mission:

Our vision at Slingababy NZ is to empower people to become open-minded Babywearing Consultants / Sling and Carrier Consultants or peer supporters with up-to-date knowledge, and create a ripple effect that spreads love, support and compassion – helping the world become a kinder place.

We will do this through our existing training and experiences helping thousands of families, the license to teach one of the most highly-regarded training courses worldwide, high standards for quality course delivery, and continuing professional development.

About me

Corinne stands side-on, carrying her barefoot son on her back in a buckle carrier. They both have smiling eyes and faces. Her son is in excited motion, doing a happy fist-pump.

Corinne Rooney


I am a mother of one son. Since motherhood, I have moved from a science research career to supporting parents of babies and young children with evidence-based information and techniques. My passion is for supporting parents to make informed choices that suit their baby and their family, and to feel confident right from the start […]