We pride ourselves on the quality of all the add-ons you get with the course:

What do you get for your course fee?

A four-day course, covering theoretical and practical knowledge, helping you gain the confidence in all carrier styles so that you have the skills to start your consultancy as soon as you have attended the course. If required, the course may be able to be delivered in 2 x 2-day sessions, eg. 2 weekends.

Refreshments: We believe that to learn to the best of your ability, you need to be able to focus on your learning without having to worry about your stomach! So morning and afternoon tea + a selection of snacks are provided. Lunch is not provided.

Handouts: We understand that there is a lot to take in and that you want to pay full attention to what is being taught without worrying about taking too many notes. All handouts provided are kept up-to-date and you will always be given the most recent versions.

Access to support groups: the Slingababy & Slingababy NZ support groups are held on Facebook and benefits from other consultants’ experience. Here you can tap into the combined experiences of over 300 consultants! If you do not wish to be on Facebook, you can always contact your trainer directly for support. Your trainer can also contact the Facebook group on your behalf.

The right to re-attend the course as many times as you like! (with a nominal fee to cover refreshments): The course is built so that every person will gain something from it, whether you are completely new to baby-carrying or have years of experience. If you are new to baby-carrying, you may find that there is only so much you can take in at first, so the option to re-attend parts or all of the course to build on your knowledge is available. The course is also a powerful confidence-booster, so if you feel a need to top-up your mojo, you are always welcome back.

– Demonstration dolls at discounted prices to help you with teaching and practicing.

Discounted carriers from a range of brands can be accessed at consultant rates.

Links to video tutorials: We understand that you might like to refresh your memory long after the course finishes and cannot always come back, this is why there are video tutorials available as reminders of the carries and techniques covered.

Free CPD days (Continuing Professional Development) twice a year, in Christchurch: We believe that your learning does not stop after the course. The CPD days are a great opportunity to top-up your knowledge and stay up-to-date with the industry. It is also a time when all the Slingababy NZ consultants get together so they can network and share their experiences. You are also welcome to attend CPD days in the UK and the annual Slingababy camp during the UK summer!

Being listed on Slingababy map of instructors which is available on the website.


All of this for $999! (New Zealand course price – please contact us for courses further afield)



What if I cannot raise the funds in one go?

At Slingababy NZ, we understand that it may be difficult to pay the full amount in one go, so if you are interested in a payment plan, please do get in touch to discuss your options. All payment plans are discussed on a one-to-one basis to ensure they are completely tailored to what is realistic for you.

There are many ways to help you raise funds.

Here are some of the ideas people have used to raise money in the past: Organise a fundraising event (raffle, cake sale, sponsored sling walk), auction carriers or unwanted items, ask friends or family for sponsorship, apply for a local grant or create a partnership with a local family-services organisation. There are various national & regional women in business grants, and maori women business grants. A useful place to start is MoBIE.

Being qualified as a baby-carrying consultant can be considered an investment as it will give you a valuable skill from which you can build a business, empowering parents that you meet.