Why train as a carrying consultant?

You want to help parents get carrying off to a good start?
You would love to be paid for talking about carrying babies?
You want to be self-employed and work flexible hours around family needs?
You want to be able to take your child with you while you are working?
You want to find a new direction for your career?
You want to learn from the most comprehensive school in the UK & Australasia?
You want to master all carriers?
You want to understand what it takes to become a supportive consultant?

Why attend the Slingababy NZ course?

When you attend a Slingababy NZ course, you will gain a wealth of knowledge including: tying techniques for all types of slings and carriers, the physiology of both baby and parent, teaching techniques to suit different learning styles and so much more. Our course offers consultants a respectful, comprehensive approach to teaching baby-carrying. We believe that, as a consultant, our role is to give space for parents to grow into who they want to be, using baby-carrying as a tool.
Not only is the course of the best quality internationally, the add-ons that you gain access to after the course will make sure that you keep on growing. You will also become a part of the Slingababy Hug: Slingababy NZ and Slingababy international consultant communities. Both groups of people with a passion for baby-carrying with whom you can share experiences and where many great friendships have been formed.

So what is special about Slingababy?

Consultant training with Slingababy is about much more than just a 4-day training course.
It’s about being able to tailor one’s learning to one’s needs by revisiting the course as often as wanted.
It’s about having tutorial videos to be able to keep techniques fresh and practising at one’s leisure.
It’s about free continuous professional development training days twice a year.
It’s about a supportive network of consultants.
It’s about free-thinking and questioning.
It’s about taking responsibility for one’s learning in a supportive environment.
It’s about some strong foundations which bear safety as a prime concern.
It’s about remembering what really matters.
It’s about being supported whilst getting the confidence to be an independent consultant.
It’s about giving back.
It’s about so so much more!