Corinne stands side-on, carrying her barefoot son on her back in a buckle carrier. They both have smiling eyes and faces. Her son is in excited motion, doing a happy fist-pump.

Corinne Rooney

About Corinne Rooney


I am a mother of one son. Since motherhood, I have moved from a science research career to supporting parents of babies and young children with evidence-based information and techniques. My passion is for supporting parents to make informed choices that suit their baby and their family, and to feel confident right from the start with a newborn. Baby-carrying is something I’m particularly passionate about. I’ve spent thousands of hours carrying my own child, and thousands more as a volunteer sling library leader and then a professional Sling and Carrier Consultant helping thousands of parents and children.

I met Lorette after my science career took me to the UK and happily, our paths merged again once we had become mothers. Lorette began Slingababy just after I returned to NZ and her course continually receives accolades. I am so pleased to bring this comprehensive and empowering training course to New Zealand. I love that it will benefit lots of families here, and the people that enjoy supporting families.

I have trained with 3 baby-carrying training schools (Trageschule UK, JPMBB and Slingababy). I also work as a BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm consultant, and have previously volunteered as a trained breastfeeding peer counsellor. My geeky interests include developmental psychology, carrying physiology, and sensory processing. My leisure interests include tramping and gardening.